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The exercise of short functional text (caution, greeting card and short message)

The text is for number 1

Dear Tio,
Congratulation on your success in the final examination. Always do the best for the future.

1.   Why did Ria congratulate Tio? Because …
      A. Tio will face the examination
      B. Tio still has the examination
      C. Tio has passed the examination
      D. Tio should prepare for the examination

The text is for number 2 and 3

      Hello, Felix
      How’s going?
      We’re waiting for your coming…
      Please, go home soon
      Miss you so much
      Hana, your beloved sister
      Mum and Dad

2.   What is the purpose of the text?
      A. To greet Felix
      B. To warn Felix
      C. To give an advice
      D. To give an opinion
3.   Who is Felix?
      A.  Hana’s father
      B.  Hana’s uncle
      C.  Hana’s cousin
      D.  Hana’s brother

4.   Look at the traffic sign! It means …

A. the road is winding
B. the road is slippery
C. the car may not enter this street
D. there are a lot of winding turns

The text is for number 5

Switch of all electronic appliance when you don’t need them.

5.   We will find such kind of instruction in the following places, except …
      A. at home
      B. at school
      C. in the office
      D. along the street

Read the text and answer questions and answer number 6 and 7

Dear Mira,
I am sorry I have to tell you that I can’t come to our house to work on our project as we have planned before. Unexpected thing happens. My grandma must be hospitalized soon. I’ll tell you about our plan later.

6.   From the message above we know that …
A. Dinda and Mira have to work together on their project
      B. Dinda’s grandma involves in the project
C. Dinda and her grandma will meet Mira at the hospital
D. Dinda expexts Mira to stay in the hospital with her

7.   What is Dinda’s purpose to write such kind of message?
      A. To tell about her sick grandma.
B. To give information about the delay of an activity.
      C. To ask Mira to work on their project.
      D. To persuade Mira to change the project.          

The text is for number 8

Defy, don’t forget our appointment to study together.
I wait you at my home at 3 p.m. be punctual
CU…. Nisa

8.   I wait you at my home at 3 p.m. be punctual!
      The underlined word refers to …
      A. Defy
      B. Nisa
      C. Both of them
      D. Neither both of them

The text is for number 9
Wish the all good wishes for Idul Fitri and forgiveness our entire fault. The happiest of 1 Syawwal 1429 H.

9.   The text is about …
      A. A day of celebration at end of fasting month.
      B. A day of celebration a baby born
      C. A day of celebration a marriage
      D. A day of celebration of Independence Day

The text is for number 10

      NO ENTRY

10. What does the information mean?
      A. We are not allowed to enter the area.
      B. We are allowed to enter the area.
      C. We have to enter the area.
      D. We do not enter the area.

11. What does the following text mean?
      Wear pace shield gloves and apron when adding water or acid to betteries.
      Teacher of Natural Science
      Students … wear face shield, gloves and apron when they add water or acid to batteries.
      A. may
      B. have to
      C. mustn’t
      D. shouldn’t

Read the text and answer questions 12 to 14
Rica, I think I don’t need to join my school extracurricular activity today. My teacher passed away at Sari Husada Hospital this morning. He was my favorite teacher you know. I will miss him so much. May God always bless him and he can rest in peace. Btw, can you accompany me to go to his house to express my condolence? All my classmates have been there now.
Sender Puspa: 05:15 am

12. Puspa wants to visit her teacher who … at the Husada hospital.
      A. accompanied her
      B. came with him
      C. is hospitalized
      D. has just died

13. The text shows us that the students …
      A. miss all their activities.
      B. hate their teacher’s death.
      C. like the teacher very much.
      D. want to work at the hospital.

14. May God always bless him and he can rest in peace. “The sentence is used to …
      A. respect one’s position
      B. express one’s prayer
      C. make someone feel happy
      D. accompany someone’s friend

The text is for question 15

Dear Lisa,
Congratulation on your winning the prize of the English debate competition. I learned about from your Mom.

15. Who won the English debate competition?
      A. Ella
      B. Lisa
      C. Lisa’s mother
      D. Ella’s mother

Read the following caution!

16. Where do we possibly find such kind of caution?
      A. In the garage
      B. In the kitchen
      C. In the living room
      D. In the dining room

The text is for question 17
Dear Albar,
I heard that you have passed the final exam and got the highest score in English subject at your school.
Congratulations! You deserved it.
Auntie Susan

17. Who sent the greeting card in the text above?
      A. Albar
      B. Auntie Susan
      C. The reader
      D. The writer

The text is for question 18 and 19

Sari, we can’t type our science report in my house because my PC is error. We will do it again after I repair it. I’m sorry.

18. Where will Sari and Tiara type science report?
      A. At school
      B. In Sari’s house
      C. In Tiara’s house
      D. At a rental computer

19. What is the purpose of the text above?
      A. To tell Sari that science report typing will be cancelled.
      B. To tell Sari that Tiara will repair her computer.
      C. To tell Sari that Tiara’s computer is error.
      D. To tell Sari to type the science report.

The text is for question 20

20. The caution means …
      A. The computer is supposed to be switched on when you want to install it.
      B. You may not start doing installation when the computer is still on.
      C. You have to install the computer when it cannot be switched off.
      D. The computer is broken you cannot switch it on.

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